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Presbytery of Western North Carolina

The Guatemala Microloan Project is an outgrowth of the long term partnership  between the PWNC and the presbyteries of Sur Occidente and Suchitepequez in Guatemala.  Go here for more information on this partnership.

Presbyterian Women

Presbyterian Women of the PWNC provided the initial funding for the project and have been primary sponsors through prayer, manpower, and financial support.  

Presbyterian Church (USA)

Presbyterian Women of the PWNC are part of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

Thank Offering

The Guatemala Microloan Project was honored to receive a grant from the 2017 Thank Offering given by Presbyterian Women of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).  This grant provided the capital to add three new groups in 2018.


North Carolina, Covenant Presbyterian Church in Palo Alto, CA and Westminster Presbyterian Church in Portland, OR have become important partners in the Guatemala Microloan Project.


Mildre and Flor, Adehgua staff.jpg

We are very grateful to be working in partnership with ADEHGUA staff, Mildre Castillo and Flor de Maria Quiñonez, who administer the Guatemala Microloan Project.


Mildre brings passion, wisdom, dedication, and over 15 years of experience in microloans to the team. 

Flor .jpg

Flor de Maria, who has university training in the psychology of education, was initially hired to help with the process of formation, but now helps with the microloans as well.

They both understand the lives of women and the challenges they face, and work together to provide the education, training and support needed, treating participants with the utmost compassion, honor and respect.

Guatemala Microloan Group February 2019

Thank you to all who support the Guatemala Microloan Project through their interest, prayers, financial support, and words of encouragement.


We are also grateful for the Guatemalan women participants who work hard, persist through difficulties, support and pray for one another, and demonstrate faith and courage.  Here are some of their expressions of thanks.

Rosa and her husband's furniture busines

"I wish many blessings for them, these families that support us. We have not seen each other, nor embraced or greeted one another, but this is what love of neighbor looks like; this is what it looks like for them to love us. I am grateful to God."


"I think that the people there are working to help us; it would be unfair if I do not work. So that one day they will say: what we did was good. Thank you and may God continue to bless you. Maybe it seems insignificant, but for us it is a great help, for my children, my family. Sometimes the money that our husbands earn is not enough for all the expenses, and we, the women, can make our contribution to improve the lives of our families."

Thelma in her store.JPG

"Thank God they are doing a good job because they are teaching and educating their children to love their neighbor; they are doing what is pleasing to God; they are making many hearts happy. Although we do not know them, we love them and we ask God to bless them. We have a great desire to know them, how they work and organize to do their work."


"They love their neighbor, because without knowing us, they thought about the importance of teaching women that yes, they are able to succeed in life. I thank you very much.  In my prayers I ask God to bless you. You have given us support, for the group it has been important, for my family, my children and I as a woman, to get ahead."

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